When you're creating a new ticket, you will be asked to mark the priority of your issue. In order to append the appropriate amount of resources to each issue, we ask that our clients self-evaluate the severity of their issues. We'll take a look as well, when the ticket comes in, but this way, everybody is on the same page.

Priority guidelines are basically illustrated like this;

-Is everything down? Is everyone not working? Is the internet completely down? Are the phone lines cut? Did somebody stick a magnet on the server?

-Urgent. Our management team will be notified immediately of all urgent tickets.

-Is a reception computer down? Is the main printer not printing?


Is the front desk scanner not working? Is line 3 making a funny noise on the phones?


Does the wireless mouse sometimes not work? Does the power button sometimes not work on the computer?


When possible, try to keep these ideals in place, it helps keep the system running smoothly for everyone and keeps our eye on any issues that come up for you, so we can get to helping you faster.